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About Us

OUR MISSION:  To give you a lifetime of yesterdays, with today's technology.

It's the 21st Century.  Practically everything today is digital, especially in the world of media. Camera film for both photo and video no longer exists.  It's almost impossible to find a place that will process film any more. And who still has a working slide or home movie projector anymore?  (Or if you do, when's the last time you used it?)

As a result, a lot of that analog media is being lost, along with the stories and histories that go with it.  It's stories and histories that likely will never make it into the history books, but it's still the most important, because it's yours. 

Every family has a history; every family has a story.  And it deserves to be remembered, told, and passed on. At Digital Downsizing, our mission is to help you re-record that history, and tell that story, in today's digital format.